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Help identifying self seeded plants

I wonder if any clever person(s) could help me identify some plants please.  Last year I put up some new fences and had to clear some space to give me working room.  One of the shrubs that was not in good health was a Viburnum Plicatum Mariessii and most of the new plants have grown up in the space it occupied. 

Could picture 4 be a sycamore?

In picture 5 it's the plant with narrow, toothed leaves I'm interested in

Could the last two pictures be some sort of climbing vine?

Thank you for any help offered. 









  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    I agree with sycamore for no. 4, is there one nearby?  The seeds are wind-borne, but I don't think they travel far.  The next one looks like Rowan.  Birds eat the berries and poop out the seeds, so they can turn up anywhere.  Good luck IDing the rest.

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    The first one could be Leycestria Formosa, Pheasant Berry.

  • Thanks for the replies josusa47 and MuddyFork.  Most of the houses upwind from me have one or more trees so I expect there will be a sycamore around.  That one is for the chop, it's too big for my garden.

    I think the purple leafed plant in picture one may also be a large tree of some sort but a bit more research needed. 

    I may well keep the Rowan but move it to a more appropriate position.  I have an amelanchier lamarckii in the garden and the berries don't last long on that courtesy of the local gang of blackbirds.

    Leycestria Formosa - not sure on that one; the leaves are very similar but maybe not exact.  I will let them grow some more and get a better picture, it doesn't come out that well on the forum.

    The ones that I think are some sort of vine could easily have come from next door.  If I'm right on that, they will be dug up with a vengeance! 

  • FritillaryFritillary Posts: 497

    Picture three looks as if it could be a Fuschia. No 1 Leycestria,But looks like there could be a bramble emerging from the middle.image

  • Thanks Fritillary.  I think you are right with Fuschia, so I'll let that one grow and see what type/variety it is.

    That's two of you now for Leycestria for No 1, so I'll let those grow on too.  There's several separate plants in that group.

    I did see the bramble; the immediate neighbour has blackberries growing just the other side of the fence.  Something else to defend my garden from, besides his ivy and bindweed.

    I'm starting to think that No 2 is a Copper Beech.  If so, that will have to go as I have no room for a large spreading tree.  I suppose I could let it grow for a while and then give it away.

    I've cleared the other self seeders from around the Rowan and I'll move when it gets a bit bigger: hopefully that's the right thing to do.

  • FritillaryFritillary Posts: 497

    I don't think No 2 is Copper Beech, it could be a prunus.image

  • OK, I'll have a look at some prunus pictures.  I was going on the coppery tinge to the lower leaves. 

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