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Ideas please for a plant for hazel hurdle fence

Hi, I have a 6' hazel hurdle fence separating mine and my neighbour's patios.  It's quite gappy so I need something growing up it for a bit more privacy.  At the moment I have rosa Felicite et Perpetue but it's too big for the fence and I'm constantly cutting it back.  

I thought I could replace it with a small honeysuckle like Rhubarb and Custard, but I know mature honeysuckle stems can get quite thick.  Do you think this would damage the fence?  Would I be better off with a small group 1 clematis? Or something else?

The fence is south facing but is shaded by the house in the mornings.

Thanks :-)


  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619

    Is it your fence?  You would need permission to grow something on it if not...

    You're going to want something evergreen, Clematis often die back or get cut right down (or slugs eat them) so you may find the cover is patchy at best.  Paired with something evergreen it may work pretty well.

    I don't have any experience with rhubarb and custard honeysuckle but from what I can read about it it sounds like a good choice. If you're planning on weaving it through the fence then I would imagine it will bow it, but this is likely to be true of anything you grow up it, as soon as the weave is breached.

  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,459

    I have a star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) growing up a 6' hazel hurdle.

    It's twines through the hazel sticks - much as a clematis would. So far (4 years old) all the stems are thin and softish and not damaging the hurdle. It is covering the hurdle by twining it's way along without any intervention from me. 

    It's taken a little while to get going (I think that's normal - it's often recommended to buy a more mature specimen) but is now starting to cover the hurdle.

    It's evergreen and the flowers are beautifully scented. Can be a little fussy about aspect though.

    I have found that the hazel hurdles start to breakdown after about 5 or 6 years so I shall be replacing mine with horizontal batten fencing. This will act much like trellis (but be more solid screening) and allow me to grow climbers through it.

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