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Banana babies

Cbu183Cbu183 Posts: 2


hi all

ive read all the advice on here on overwintering bananas. I'm in wet Manchester so I'm going for monty's method of chopping off leaves, removing soil, drying upside down and storing in a shed.

However my nana has babies and I don't think they aren't big enough to separate yet. Please see picture. Btw it's a sikkimensis I think And it has been in a pot.

id be grateful for any advice on what to do with them. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695

    Leave them where they are for this year. When you repot next spring, just as new growth starts, you should be able to tease them away from the main plant and pot them on singly into a 15 cm pot to start, then into a larger pot for the rest of the summer.

  • RP32RP32 Posts: 47


    I overwintered two musa basjoo outdoor in South Wales last winter by building a tube structure using a couple of posts and a 1.2m willow fence roll. I cut off the leaves, wrapped the pseudostems with horticultural fleece and then stuffed around them with straw. I then put a bin bag over the top of the willow tube and taped in place. I wrapped them up the last weekend of October and unwrapped at the start of April.

    Both were dry, healthy and already growing when I unwrapped them although it may have been a bit risky that early in the year but I couldn't wait any longer. The pups that were in there did fine using the same method, they were only a couple of inches high when wrapped.

    The banana plant looks very healthy but your pups won't have a good enough root system to separate off until they are at least a foot tall - they may get there before its time to overwinter. When it comes time to remove the pups there are some very useful videos on YouTube if you search 'banana pup transplant'. From personal experience, water the pups sparingly after transplanting.


  • Cbu183Cbu183 Posts: 2

    Good advice, thanks both of you. I'll leave them on over winter - I wasn't sure what to do with them but I guess they will be sustained by the main plant. Sorted. 

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