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Stuck for ideas with lawn


Hey guys! 

Ivw recently took an interest in gardening since I moved out of my family home to my new home but the lawn is a bit well not how I like it haha!

i have tried weed and feed but its not done anything and its so patchy and uneven in levels so I was thinking off digging it all up levelling it out and going from there. I have uploaded a picture of the lawn.

Any help in on what I should be doing would be great! Thank you guys!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    If you are keeping your lawn, then autumn time will be the best time to start your yearly treatment. When there has been rain, and your soil is damp, start to rake your lawn vigorously. You will see large amounts of dead grass being raked up. It's this that usually stops your lawns from having new grass growing and also blocking drainage to your soil. Mow your lawn a few times, and rake between each cutting.

    Then, spike your lawn with any ordinary garden fork. This will help to aerate your soil. Then it's time to work in topsoil. This also can be pushed generously into all of the lawn. 

    I notice you have some patches. If after a month, the patches remain, you can just lightly rake over those areas and sprinkle some lawn seed into those areas as directed. Rake over lightly again and water in if no rain after a week. Hopefully, you will see a big improvement in your lawn.

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