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protect a young tree over the winter

HI. I recently dug up a sucker from a nearby tree that I like, it has prospered, and I am not sure what to do with it over the winter.

It's some sort of ash, but I can't find out yet exactly what. It has red cones in the Autumn.

It is now growing well in a 6" pot, is about 6" high above the compost level, and will soon need potting on into a bigger pot or tub.

Should I pot it on now, or wait until Spring, and ought I protect it over the Winter. I have an unheated greenhouse.

Thanks for any advice



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,414

    We need a photo, ash doesn't sucker or have cones.

    If it was outside before it won't need a greenhouse in the winter.

    Don't plant it in the garden without an ID, anything suckering can be a real pain. I wonder if it's Rhus typhina and the cones are the remains of flowers

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • trebor666trebor666 Posts: 12

    Hi & yes, that's it , Rhus typhina. I'll send a pic in about 15 mins. Thanks, K

  • trebor666trebor666 Posts: 12

    Sorry I can't find how to include a pic, but I'm sure you're right, well-spotted. K

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,414

    We have had threads on here from people asking how to get rid of this and stop it suckering

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Sumac species have somewhat of a notorious reputation, confirmed by nutcutlet.

    If you want to grow it in the borders, be very careful, Damn things can pop up all over the place and no weed membrane seems to stop them!

  • trebor666trebor666 Posts: 12

    Thanks again, my neighbour has inherited it in the front verge, next to the road. Nobody knows where it came from, technically it's on council property. He just mows the suckers off. But I will think carefully before planting it out. I just love growing things from scratch. K

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