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bhhje9bhhje9 Posts: 1

I have a honeysuckle in a large pot which gets full sun in the afternoon. It was growing really well about 10 ft high at the moment but has white spots on the leaves and it is dying from the base. The leaves turn brown and then fall offimage.any advice would be great


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    I would say that is not a large pot. Honeysuckles can have dying leaves at the lower sections, especially going into the later part of summer. You ought to grow them in a much larger pot if you decide to continue with pots. The plant is underwatered. And if not, the pot is no longer able to hold enough water for your shrub.

    There is no harm in cutting them down now and allow it to recover. Water generously, not a gentle sprinkle on the top. They hopefully should bounce back.

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