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Last night it really poured rain all day and night, so I went when it calmed down and put stuff under my melons so they wouldn't lay in the mud.  One of the half grown ones didn't feel right, and when I squeezed it, it busted in my hand.  I had been turning them every couple of days, and they looked and felt fine until that happened.  Then today, I looked at my zucchinis, and a young one around 8" long has soft spots on the blossom end, and when I squeezed it, it busted like that melon, and was all rotten inside and stunk bad.  Does anybody know what might be going on?  I've heard about blossom end rot, but from what I read it didn't sound like the whole thing would be rotten that fast.  Yesterday they both looked fine.  I thought it was strange that I had the same problem with a cantaloupe and with a zucchini within a day.

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