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Begonia problem

Have grown some beautiful huge begonias this year and as I was staking up a very large one I noticed this growth at the bottom of a very thick stalk.  Hope someone can tell me whether it is some disease that needs to be treated but as you can see  the plant itself (the tallest red one in the middle) looks very healthy. The growth looks a bit like walnuts. 



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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    After seeing the height of your plant and the constant shadow. It looks like your soil is constantly damp. It looks like a fungus growth that tends to happen on damp compost that may have quite a bit of bark chip content in it. Will not damage your Begonia. If you allow drying between watering, this will not likely develop. Not harmful to your plant, and you can remove it too.

  • imbrennanimbrennan Posts: 20
    Just realised I never thanked you for your comments. Better late than never I suppose,
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