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Pachysandra terminalis "Green Carpet"

Hoping someone can offer a little help.

I have a very dark and in summer very dry area under a sycamore tree and at the mo there are variety of spring bulbs that do well.    Wild primrose do well if planted in autumn or very early spring from other parts of the garden where they survive but then perish during the summer months.  Ferns planted 3yrs ago really struggle and are slowly getting smaller each year rather than growing.

When the spring bulbs have finished and for the rest of the year it's bare soil as I've failed to get anything else to grow in this space.

Has anybody any experience of Pachysandra terminalis "Green Carpet".   Will other spring bulbs grow up through it in spring, Snowdrops, Aconites, Dogs tooth Violets, Bluebells etc.


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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,422

    Galium odoratum, Sweet Woodruff is very reliable. I couldn't get Pachysandra going at all.

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  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966

    I have Pachysandra growing under a Yew tree, very dry and deep shade.

    I think all the other plants mentioned would do well too.

    I have some doubts whether the smaller bulbs would push through the Pachysandra, as it can form quite a dense clump.

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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    I've had Pachysandra for years and years. I find it very slow growing even in ideal conditions. I would try vinca and alchemilla mollis. Keep them watered for the first year until they get going. 

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  • We planted Pachysandra under a beech tree last Autumn and it's growing very well. Also we have lots of Alchemilla Mollis just springing up between paving stones and doing really well. We moved in last July and other plants we planted have struggled in the dry summer we've had. 

  • Thank you for the replies, a few ideas to think about there.

    Thank you ChrissieB you've reminded me that I have 40 or so Ivy leaf cyclamen plug plants that I sowed from seed last autumn, i'll get them in this next week.  They won't flower this or next year probably but that'll be a start.

    Kinda hoping for all year round ground cover that will allow the spring bulbs to grow through but alas we can't have everything.

    As a last resort i'll have to gravel it and accept spring and autumn colour only perhaps.

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