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Small trees?

Changing mind again!

The priority with this garden is to enhance privacy, cover the ugly building behind the fence but without blocking too much sun so maybe a lighter canopy.

silver birch seems nice but think they're too big? That existing sorbus looks too close to the sambucus so don't mind getting rid of that to make space.

Any suggestions? I'd like the trunk to be open so it can be walked under. Height needs to be around 12/15 feet at least?

Wildlife is definitely a bonus but not to the point of planting an ugly tree image

It would get full sun in that spot.


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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    A single stem amelanchier might do the trick - blossom and autumnal colour. 

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    Have you thought about a Eucryphia tree ; they are attractive evergreens which bear masses of single rose like flowers in early August (a real bee magnet) . I keep mine to around 15 feet high by means of a long handle pole-pruner every couple of years or so .

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