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Established wisteria suddenly losing leaves

my wisteria suddenly looks as though it is dying. The leaves are limp and getting crispy. It flowered beautifully this spring and was a successful cutting from my mother's 100 year old wisteria from her garden before she died. I am so upset.  There is no sign of any infection, either on the plant or around the roots.  Might it recover? Jan


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Hi Jan. Is it in the ground or in a pot?  I'm no wisteria expert, but I'm wondering if it could be drought causing the wilting and dry crispy leaves.  

    No idea where you are located but there have been prolonged spells of hot, dry weather across the UK this summer.  Maybe it needs a good drink?

    I hope you can save it ?

  • Hopefully in the ground as it should do much better than in a pot once properly established.

    No expert by any means but have been successful with them for years at the old house and I have been instructed by the head gardener (who doesn't do anything on that front) - i.e. she who must be obeyed - to put one in the new place.

    I don't know how old your original cutting is or how long it has been in the ground or pot either but I do start mine in pots before they get semi mature. By the time they go in the ground there are a meter plus tall and not far off that wide. This normally takes about three years from purchase and a good twice the size growth.

    Water is the obvious thing since we had that long dry spell and I did use to water hours quite regularly as is the current one going through its transitional process too.

    Although pretty tough, they do like fertile soil and I fed it with manure every year plus some bone meal and a mulch too. The odd bit of feed wouldn't hurt every now and then either. But that's it.

    It is difficult too suggest disease without the physical evidence (mildew, scale) but could be a root problem (fungus/weevil).

    Hoping it is just a climatic issue - water/conditions 

    Good luck

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