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Depth of new flower border


I have just dug out a new border on front drive by removing existing block paving.

I am left with builders sand and got rid of most of it.

I now need to fill border with assuming top soil?

so my questions are:

- If I leave any builders sand in is this ok?

- what depth to make the border for perenials, shrubs etc

- is topsoil best?


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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,237

    Some things like mediterranean plants (lavender etc) love a sandy soil.  Builders sand in general will not harm your plants. Where I come from (Mansfield) they quarry the stuff out by the lorry load, and many gardens are based on the same sandy soil. Plants seem to grow OK. If there is a lot of lime, you will not be able to grow acid lovers like Rhododendrons. Test the soil to see what pH it is. (test kits at garden centres)  A foot ( 30cm ) of top soil is fine for most perennials, shrubs will get their roots down in to the subsoil.   If the soil is very sandy, add a load of water holding humus like well rotted farm yard manure or composted fine bark, or your own compost if you make it from your kitchen waste , peelings  etc.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,457

    If by 'depth' you mean distance from front to back, then really as deep as you can make them.  That gives more options on planting to provide height and ground cover in the same area.  Narrow (shallow) borders do restrict planting.

  • lucy66lucy66 Posts: 4

    Thanks both been out this morning with the larks and dug a little deeper! Now letting the rain come and do its thing then can soften the earth abit - should have a reasonable depth of approx 30 cm 

    Thank you!

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