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Can anyone tell me what this weed/moss is?


Can anyone tell me what this star-shaped plant is?  From afar it looks like moss but is resistant to moss killer.  It's slowly invading my lawn so I'd like to try and get rid of it.


  • Procumbent Pearlwort, I think. 

  • Nige ANige A Posts: 3

    Thank you Alan.. I've had a look at your link and it could be that.  However pearlwort looks like it *might* be a bit larger than what I have - I can't really get a definitive good pic of the pearlwort to convince myself.  Anyway, I'll try treating it as pearlwort and see what results I get.

    Thanks for the reply :-)

  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,462

    It looks like the moss I get around my garden and fields that I just call 'starry moss', but don't know its proper name. There are over 800 different mosses in Britain and it is hard to find definitive photos of most of them! Think it may possibly be one of the rock mosses, but not sure as I get it in boggy areas too.

    If it is a problem in your lawn, you would probably get better results by aerating and improving the drainage, as mosses will always colonise damp areas.

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  • AsarumAsarum Posts: 655

    I think it's a species of Polytrichum but I don't know which one or how to go about getting rid of it. Personally I wouldn't but then I like other things beside grass in my lawn.

    East Anglia
  • Nige ANige A Posts: 3

    Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions!

  • Great ID by Alan!!!

    This one was a tough cookie to identify.!! As it's a form of Pearlwort and not moss, weed killers will treat it digging up fails. Moss killers on the other-hand, won't.. 

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