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Two roses and two questions!

Hi all 

I have two different climbing roses, Rosa Love Knot and Rose Korkeltine. 

First question I have is about what someone has told me is a sucker on the Love Knot and needs removing asap, pic below: 


Second question I have is about the other Rose I have. Due to a family bereavement I completely missed pruning time so now, although it is healthy - ish and full of buds/flowers, I need to know which branches should stay and which need to go when I do prune - in Autumn yeah? 

How low should I prune? Below the 'now redundant' metal trellis? 

Pics below: 



Any advice much appreciated ???? 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,427

    suckers come from the root stock. That red shoot is half way up the plant. That's a fine new shoot

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    You don't have to worry about pruning right now. You need to concentrate on tying in new growth and think about how you want to train it. You can cut off areas you don't like but generally, it's more about tying in new shoots and training them. This helps to keep the branches stable and stops it from flopping about and possibly causing roots to rock. The other, to create a more permanent shape for you to then prune from at early spring time. Just deadhead faded blooms for now.

    In early spring, you can prune back how you like. If you are happy with your shape, just remove small side shoots so they can grow back from there. If you like multiple stems, then you could cut quite low down on one of the main stems, this usually creates more new stems.

    Regarding red shoots, this is normal and in particular, many red coloured roses show this trait so not suckers at all. Once matured, the stems turn more green.

  • Thank you both image

    I shall leave that new growth well alone then! 

    Thank you for the pruning advice 


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