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imageimageCould you experts out there identify these two plants for me please?

Tips on care for both would be appreciated.

Thank you,



  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    A Skimmia for the top one?

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  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Agree with hogweed for the first Skimmia Japonica.  

    The second one looks like Choisya Ternata.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,891

    I'd go with  both of those IDs.

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Many thanks to you all.

  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Both the skimmia and choisya can be pruned, if necessary, with secateurs. The choisya often has a second flush of flowers late summer/autumn.

    SW Scotland
  • Thank you Joyce.

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