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Wisteria on a fence

Lfin100Lfin100 Posts: 24


I would like to grow wisteria along a fence if possible. The fence is approx 2 metres high, the site is north facing and there is clay soil. I am hoping to purchase and plant out by the end of the summer, however, I wanted to ask first whether anybody has any pearls of wisdom for me regarding whether this is a suitable location for wisteria, and whether there is a particular type which is better for a Scottish north facing wall. Or am I just dreaming???

Thankyou in advance!


  • Lfin100Lfin100 Posts: 24

    Also, any hints on training would be appreciated. 

    Yes, I am a novice!

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Hydrangea petiolaris would love that position.

  • I have a friend that has an old Wisteria growing through a decorative open concrete block wall.  The only problem she has is that in spring if you have a frost it can kill the flowers as the cold dry air can move through the wall and wisteria.  If it's an open fence it may be a problem, if it's a solid fence then it won't be a problem.  If she knows that there's going to be a frost the evening before she puts the hosepipe over the wisteria, this stops the frost from killing the flowers the following morning.

  • Lfin100Lfin100 Posts: 24

    Many thanks to all for the advice.

    Doghouse Riley, in my dreams my fence looks like yours with that beautiful Wisteria on it.

    I live in an area that experiences a lot of frost, in fact there is often ice on the ground for many months over winter and spring, so perhaps wisteria in my garden will remain a dream?!

    I contacted my excellent local garden centre who advised the following:

    ''Wisteria wouldn’t be the best choice for this position.  It really requires a warm wall to be trained against if it is to flower successfully in your area.  So it demands a brick or stone wall that retains the heat from the sun to aid ripening of the new growth and also this wall needs to face south or southwest to get as much sunshine as possible.

     You might explore these plants for your northfacing  fence:

    Climbing hydrangea  - Hydrangea petiolaris·         

    Clematis Montana varieties·         

    Deciduous Honeysuckles like Lonicera Belgica or Serotina''

    I actually already have all of these climbers along another border and was looking to try something a bit different here. My other thought was espalier fruit trees. I think I need to get back to the research and reading though!

    Many thanks again. 

  • Lfin100Lfin100 Posts: 24

    Ahh Doghouse Riley, I may just have to give it a go! 

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!

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