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Brown box ball ????

Suzanne85Suzanne85 Posts: 2

Hi everyone

We live in London and we had our garden landscaped last summer and had four box balls planted in raised planters.

Up until a month ago these were lush and green but one has turned almost 50% brown and the other three have brown patches starting.

I'm relatively new to gardening so I'm hoping that you lovely people can help me understand what may be wrong and how best to treat it to get back to good health. 

Thanks, Suzanneimage


  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619

    It looks like it might have dried out a bit, Buxus is quite thirsty, have you kept it watered well in all the dry weather we've been having?

    You might also wish to inspect it for Box blight in case it's that.  The photo is a little small for me to gauge it but have a look here it might help you identify it:

  • It looks like box blight.... unfortunately image

  • Suzanne85Suzanne85 Posts: 2

    Thanks Bob and Dave for your quick response. I'm struggling to see if it looks like blight or not. I've tried to add a close up picture but it won't let me add another one for some reason.

    I have watered the garden most days in the warm weather with a sprinkler but the balls are in the far corners so maybe haven't got enough water. Do you think it would be worth watering more to see if that helps

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