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Narrow evergreen screening

Hi Everyone.

I need help to find some evergreen screening for a space 12' long and about 2 1/5ft wide. It is bordered on one side by an 8ft high wooden privacy trellis(mine) and on the other  my neighbours rather knackered 4ft high wooden fence.  Its est facing, but due to all the trellis won't get much more than dappled shade

I fancy something tall, thin and wavy, so I can hear the wind rustling through it!  I would love a bamboo -but am nervous of it going next door. Would chusquea montana or fargesia murieliae be suitable? If not, is there some evergreen grass type plant that would get to about 10ft high but be ok in such a narrow little alley?

Due to the size of the space , maintenance may well be an issue in the future. I want to plant somehting there otherwise it could become nothing more than a weed bed, but have looked in vain for something appropriate.

Thanks for your help

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