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Pest on alstromeria? Help

my alstromeria came up fine this year, this is its 2nd year I've had it. Something is very wrong with it, its got about 8 stems with flowers, most of the leaves have been damaged by something, there are mottled marks, holes & white dots, there are also no new shoots coming up as the others die back. I was thinking vine weevil for the new shoot issue, so I gave it a vine weevil "wash" into the soil. 

Im very new to gardening & this is one of my favourite plants & I'll be devastated if I lose it - can anyone help please? Still figuring out how to add photos on here. 


  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 511

    Hi Millymolly, l have the same alstromeria, Indian Summer, as you, also in its second year. I am sure that the leaf nibbler will have been a slug or snail. Check under your inner pot, and underneath your glazed pot for any lurking around and deal with them . When the flowers are done and start to drop their petals pull the whole stem out with a sharp tug, only then will the roots be stimulated to make new shoots. The stem in picture 1 has started to form seed heads so needs to be yanked out now. I think the problem with the leaves looking mottled is a lack of feed issue. I divided my one plant into 2 plants back in the spring. I replanted them in a John lnnes 3 compost, with a third added multi purpose compost to loosen it a bit, added a little grit too for extra drainage and some blood fish and bone for an extra boost. They are both doing really well and are flowering beautifully. Did you give yours fresh compost back in the spring, or any feed? If you didn't, I'd do it now, it's not too late, mine were still flowering at the end of autumn last year. I don't know if they are prone to the dreaded vine weevil, l didn't notice any in mine, anyhow your wash will deal with any. 

    You have a new shoot showing in picture 2, so that's a good sign. They are in my experience pretty tough plants that give a wonderful show all summer and

  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 511

    Oops Autumn. I've bought 2 more this year. Polka and Serenade because they impressed me with their performance. 

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