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Is the yellow one also an aster?

Stephanie newish gardenerStephanie newish gardener Aberdeenshire/Moray coastPosts: 453


We have a yellow daisy plant that lives in a shallow gravelly area. I boldly divided it in autumn 2015 and put the resulting plants around the garden, leaving the original one in situ.

Now they are in half decent soil, the offspring are growing taller than the parent, which is kind of nice, though they need staking now.

Having failed to ID the plant, I moved a badly placed aster earlier this year and as it has grown I can see it looks just like the yellow daisy, except it will be pink when it flowers later this year (assuming it does of course!)

So, that's really a long-winded way of asking if the yellow plant is an aster. Google images has similar but not the same.

Look closely at the pic and you will see there are two plants, just the front one has no flowers but I know it is an aster




  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,479

    Hi Stephanie. It looks like Inula hookeri - which is a relative of the Daisy family - but I would love a second opnion.

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  • Stephanie newish gardenerStephanie newish gardener Aberdeenshire/Moray coastPosts: 453

    Hmm, could be, though the online pics i just found have thinner petals. The one in the first pic is tied up, so this pic shows another one that so far doesn't need tying up, but then it gets less light so is also not as tall

    Might help with the ID? Let me know if I need to get a closer pic of the flowers


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