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Patches in lawn


I've just joined, this is my first post.

We had a lawn laid from turf a year ago. It's come out in small patches where the grass appears to be turning yellow and dying. What's the best treatment for this? I scarified lightly and fertilised with scotts lawn + weedkiller in april. 

Thanks your your advice. image


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    Your lawn is normal for this time of year. Patches can happen due to wear and tear or simply a thatch build up over time. If you have had wet weather, you could just scarify the whole area and spike areas where it's lighter and brush in topsoil prepared with sand and work it into the lawn. Water it if there has been no rain for more than a week.This is just to knit the gaps together and create even area and level out any small hollows and divots.

    Alternatively, you can just scarify the lawn and mow it a few times and wait for rain and then feed it with what you are currently using.

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