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Can skyscraper Lillie's be underplanted

leasloubgleasloubg Posts: 3

Hi, we are new to gardening and have a fully flagged garden. For next year we are looking to plant skyscraper Lillie's in a 1metre sq 50cm deep planter that I have just made. Can these very tall plants have anything planted in the planter with them to give good ground coverage without strangling the Lillie's?


  • leasloubgleasloubg Posts: 3

    Thank you, we were just worried that they may get strangled. The planter is is a very shady part of the garden so we are trying to be careful.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,125

    Hi leasloubg - is it very shady where you have them? Try and get them into a bit more light to avoid them leaning and stretching towards it, which will spoil them. They don't need full sun, just a reasonably light location.

    I think they can look good on their own, but I can understand why you'd want something under them as the stems aren't particularly pretty. You could consider some of the low growing grasses to edge the bed, as long as the lilies have enough room.Your container sounds a decent size, and could easily stand a bit of low growing planting round the base, but it depends how many lilies you have in it!  In a border, the stems are largely hidden by other planting, which also provides support.

    I bought a couple of peony supports this year, and used one for some lilies as I had to put them in a pot, and it can be very windy here. That's done a good job. 

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  • leasloubgleasloubg Posts: 3

    thank you for all the advise

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