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Bulk buying for a very large garden.

I have posted in the design section for advice about plants to screen our new 100m long 2.5m high close board fence.

It occurs to me that the number of plants needed to screen this length of fence is going to be huge. Once the fence is screened we will be moving on to planting up the rest of the very large garden. I am sure I will be asking for more advice when that project starts.

I would like to find information on buying plants in bulk. I should think that the fence will have some repeat planting along it with things like grasses and bamboos and easy care shrubs. Wildlife friendly plants would be great too but where to source them at a reasonable rate?


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    When I did the initial planting in this garden I needed several trees, lots of shrubs and lots of hedging plants.

    I contacted a local plant wholesaler who officially only deals with professional landscapers etc. I explained what I was doing and & they agreed to do business with me.They sent me a list of their current plant availability &, from that,  I selected what I needed and sent them a list.

    They selected the plants for me and delivered them free of charge (it was a big order). I paid promptly by bank transfer. Everybody happy.

    I did go along to the site for a chat and a bit of a look round as well but there wasn't much to see - a room in a barn for an office and fields of plants. They would be happy to do business with me again but would really require another bulk order. A wholesaler often has a requirement of a minimum of (say) 10 of each type of plant.

    If you are happy to conduct this purchase in a professional manner - as a business transaction - and not expect to go wandering around the site  selecting plants yourself (Health & Safety - lots of heavy machinery, trailing hoses etc) & not expecting any Garden Centre style facilities / labelling etc etc -  then you may well find a local wholesaler who will be happy to supply you.

    I reckon the plants I bought were about a fifth to a quarter of the price you would expect to pay in a Garden Centre and about half the price for bulk buying online. Huge savings.

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  • Thank you so much for that very helpful reply! I don't have enough knowledge to wander around and select plants so that way of doing business would suit me very well.

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    Buying bare rooted trees and shrubs in winter saves a small fortune if buying many. In the past few years I have landscaped three gardens and bought a lot of hedging in particular. I used Buckingham Nuseries and Beechwood Trees. Both were good. Beechwood Trees was very quick with their dispathese.. Both had competitive prices and healthy plants and the more you buy the cheaper it works out. I will add I have no connection with either of these companies except as a customer.

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    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,397

    Tried to edit: the above should read, Beechwood Trees was very quick with their dispatches.

    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
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    Can I put in a word for my beloved ivy?  It will cover your fence quite quickly, provide shelter, nectar and berries for the little critters, and comes in a huge variety, many of which are highly decorative.  I can recommend a nursery called Fibrex, they are ivy specialists and I have found them very good to deal with.

  • Thank you both.

    I am a bit wary of hedging as it may need cutting?

    I would love to use Ivy. My husband, however, has a horror of anything that "spreads". I would also have to consider the new neighbours that will share the fence with us.

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