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What grows best with laurel ?

karen 16karen 16 Posts: 1

I have a well established laurel hedge with small planting area in front. I'm wondering what would grow best. Ideally looking for low maintenance hardy perennial with some colourful blooms


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Do you know the kind of soil you have?  Acid, neutral, alkaline. Helps to also know if your soil is dry and light or quite heavy. How tall is your Laurel hedge and which way is border facing? 

    General low maintenance plants, search for Geraniums. A big variety of heights, colours and leave shapes. There is bound to be one to suit your situation. Alchemilla Mollis, a plant that can be grown in most situations. Lovely velvety base leaves and in summer, small frothy lemony flowers hover over the leaves. 

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