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Too Much Food - :-(

Oh dear, I was trying to encourage some Japanese Anemones to grow and they were just about to flower and I gave them some organic seaweed fertilizer.  I think I must have overdone it as now it is totally dying off, any leaves and flowers/buds have gone brown and very sad looking.  I have obviously learnt my lesson here however my question is does anyone know if they will come back next year or shall I bite the bullet and buy another plant for next year?  I guess at least I would get some flowers too this year if I bought a new one


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Nelly the Belly, is this a newly planted Japanese Anemone? If so, don't be hard on yourself. They can sometimes take a while to settle in. In fact, quite a few newly planted Japanese Anemones start growing vigorously in their first years. They take a while to settle in. If you think you have over-done the feeding, just water the base more to drain it away, but I doubt you have damaged it. Cut off the bad bits and let it be for now. I personally don't recommend you buy a replacement as these plants will make themselves at home in your borders in years to come.

  • Agreed with Borderline, Japanese Anemones will certainly make themselves at home in borders once established. Loose, fertile, free-draining soil....they'll be a centre piece within no time image

  • thanks both. It wasn't a new plant however it's been struggling as I think, when we first moved into our house, I pulled it all out thinking it was a weed (doh). luckily it survived but has been struggling (there isn't much left) which is why I thought I'd give it some food. I'll leave it for Now and hopefully I'll be posting beautiful pictures of it soon ?

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