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prepping an area for turfing

I've read through both here and elsewhere, but if i am being very dense, please feel free to tell me!

Due to changes ( yes, that Did have to happen right now)  in our very small back garden, i have an area of sparse soil that will be turfed in September.

Which means that i have about six weeks to do....What... exactly .....with the area?

It has been suggested that i could black plastic it.....don't know if that makes sense?

I could always empty the remnants of our compost bin over the area and dig that well in....but that's still six weeks to wait.


Many Thanks


  • Sorry, maybe i didn't put it very well.

    Having unexpectedly found myself with the soil ....six weeks before i want to lay the turf...Is there anything that i can do with the soil while i wait?

    Somewhere in the depths of my mind, the idea of Just Leaving exposed soil flagged up as a very bad idea indeed.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Storing soil not covered isn't a major issue. But, you can get tarpaulin and cover the tops loosely. Or, if the soil is now already in its final position, ready for turf laying, it's best to cover the area with a membrane cover for the time being.

  • Clarification:

    The soil is the soil that was always there. It's sparse, so obvs will require addition with either / or top soil  or well dug in compost before turfing.

    But in that in-between right now....and for the next six weeks....what do i do with the patch of soil?

    Just leave it?

    I could do that, the garden is small, not windswept and is contained by fencing.

    But that 'feels' wrong somehow...

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