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Swede and turnips appear to have bolted

Hi everyone, looking for some advice.

Saw quickcrop i think on youtube saying growing swedes and turnips in modules before transplanting gives good results do thats what i done.

I germinated seeds in greenhouse (not been very warm recently. Central scotland summer) but then i thought afyer they germinated with it not being too hot id leave them in there. However, now they all seem to have fallen over and look a bit like bolted toms. Thing is dont see how they could have bolted in the ghouse. I have potted them into single pots for the time being and tried to bury them a lot deeper just for support. 

Any advice on which this has happened or how i can help the situation now ?

Thank you



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  • JamieMcDJamieMcD Posts: 89

    apologies for the plate response.

    Thanks very much for getting back to me and giving me some advice. I just mean they arent standing upright, they have just all fallen over and have stems like wet noodles, for lack of a better term. 

    I will try and get a picture tomorrow. Yes Mike I am thinking now I will plant straight into the ground, first time doing it though so guess im learning haha!

    Thanks again,


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