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Peony leaf problem


My peony leaves have started to discolour, any help please? 

Thank you very much


  • Hello Willing Learner!

    I've had some problems with some of the leaves of my peonies dying - they don't quite look like yours but anyway I was at Hampton Court Flower Show last week and I asked a Peony expert about it.  What I didn't know was that peonies shouldn't be buried too deep.  He said the crowns should be maximum 1 inch from the surface, so it is likely I am mulching my peonies too much.  He also said they need to be in full sun to flower.  

    Also, from your photo, it looks possibly a bit like the rust you can get on roses.  If you are happy using chemicals, 'Rose Clear' I know can be sprayed on other plants than roses, so that might work.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Interesting comments jridleysmith. Not to confuse matters, some Peonies do go red towards the mid summer to autumn time. Is this the first year you have grown this plant? What was the flowering like this year? Just trying to work out whether your plant is happy. There is a look of dehydration and stress. If you are growing in a tub/pot, you will need to watch with the watering. 

  • batwood14batwood14 Posts: 193

    I don't think that is rust but rather chlorosis or other mineral deficiency such as magnesium. Peonies are past their prime now so plants can succumb to all manor of problems. This does not affect them as they die back down before coming to life in spring next year. I would not worry in the slightest other than correct the mineral element of the soil using fish, blood and bone for example.

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  • Thanks everyone. At least I know not to panic. I think I will give it just a tiny bit of general fertiliser in the soil around the roots for as you say it is going to sleep very soon. I do not know how it flowered (if at all) this year as it lives in Central Scotland with my daughter - so the watering would not be an issue 

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