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Garden Mums - Height and Spacing?

BalaBala Posts: 113

I have a seed packet called Garden Mums mix (Chrysanthemum Indicum hortorum) which I would like to grow it in my front yard border.  

Has anyone one grown it?  Could some one tell me if

1.  Is it Perennial

2. What will be its height when grown?

3. What spacing should I use between plants?

4. Do I plant them in clusters?

5. Any photos / links / videos that might help me see it.



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277

    They're the same sort of chrysanths you see in pots in the supermarket.
    They are perennial, but a harsh winter often kills them off.
    I had 4 in a hanging basket last autumn which overwintered in-place. Little shoots appeared in the spring, so I potted them up and planted them out- this is the sort of plant you can expect - there are 4 here in a row


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