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Lawn alternative

thedjjjthedjjj Posts: 84

Just wondered if anyone else doesn't bother with keeping up a bowling green, and has an alternative lawn?

I came across using mine in that way by accident, I killed a load of moss in early spring off the lawn but in it's place seems to have exploded with white clover and self heal .. which I hated at first but have grown to like! 

It stays low, reducing the need to mow it much .. and there seems to be bees all over them. I mowed it yesterday but was really reluctant as I knew I was taking away that food source image ... but I'm sure they'll all reflower .. they did last time in abundance.

The only downside to me is it obviously doesn't look as neat as a traditional grass lawn, but given I've got a 2 month old daughter the lawn will no doubt be trashed anyway image


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531

    My grass plots back and front have daisies, creeping buttercup, clover, self heal, plantains, dandelions, other yellow flowered things that look like dandelions but aren't.  And heaven knows what grasses.  I mow it two or three times a year and compost the clippings mixed with shredded paper.

  • thedjjjthedjjj Posts: 84

    I dont think I'd be so keen at a random plot of all sorts of types and colours of weeds but it's 75% white clover so it looks quite uniform at least image

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,000

    I sometimes think our obsession with striped weed-free lawns borders on the ridiculous ; as long as it's green , short and manageable , what does it matter if it contains a 'variety'image of species . I think the contrast between buttercups , daisies and sometimes blue-speedwell looks good . Our neighbours lawn contains an 'escapee' from my former rockery (Pratia pedunculata) or Blue Star Creeper , an attractive pale-blue flower festoons his lawn for most of the summer ; ironically enough , I havn't any in mine ,Grrrr!image

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