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Site cleared of weeds... now what?

thedjjjthedjjj Posts: 84

I spent a nice day off work yesterday in the sunshine hand digging some perennial nasties from a bare soil area dotted with a few shrubs/plants. Horsetail, varied grasses, some self heal spilled over from the lawn, couple of dandelions.

This has now left a large area of bare soil, so no doubt without doing anything I'll be repeating the same work in a few weeks or so, ongoing until I do something.

A few of the plants are misplaced and need moving, and a good amount of new plants need to be put in to create a new border (it's not big though)

My questions:

Should I small bark chip mulch the lot to suppress any more weeds til Autumn, and plant then?

OR, should I buy what I need now, and plant ASAP? (then mulch round the remaining patches).

My concern is that peak of summer is neither the best time to plant or to purchase, as everything is at full price right now. However, is planting now fine as long as it's not a really hot day and hasn't rained for a while?

Am I better off planting ASAP to establish them before winter? Or shall I buy cheaper in autumn, plant them in Autumn?

Or just wait and buy and plant in spring?

I'm mainly talking here about perennials, Astrantia (Major Alba, Florence or Rose Symphony), Geranium (Rozanne), Calamagrostis (Karl Foerster), Aster (Monch), Ragged Robin, Centaurea, Knautia, Hellebore Foetidus, Dryopteris, probably other geraniums (a shade one), Clematis (I've not yet decided on what season this should be flowering at, but my leaning is towards winter/spring). I need some evergreens too, there are two viburnums but they are pretty small and drown out at the moment.

I have a picture if that helps.


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    I am a believer in autumn planting but others will have different ideas.

    SW Scotland
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,484

    I  love photos,so if you can post some it helps my pathetic imagination! I tend to agree with Joyce re autumn planting, the trouble is these days we don't seem to get the warm wet autumns (not here anyway).Personally I would go with autumn planting, if they look healthy and there are roots coming out of the bottom of the pot, then go for it then.image

  • thedjjjthedjjj Posts: 84

    Here's one view .. taken at 1130am


    another view with the shaded part in:


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    The choice is yours if you want to plant in a few things if you see them and they are available, go for it.. Online retailers tend to make you wait for certain plants, so it depends on what is immediately available and what is ready for delivery in weeks to a month's time. The border doesn't look to big, so if you are halfway through planning, you could just use a long handled mini sized fork to turn the soil over between plants. Any weeds can be pulled up or hoed off from the fork. 

    Autumn planting is a good idea, as the textbooks will say, it's a bit cooler but still warm for roots to settle in before the cold sets in. Two things to think about when you plan. What kind of soil and PH balance as I noticed certain shrubs recommended that may not like more alkaline conditions. Once you know a bit more about your soil, then think of the themes, colour schemes and styles of planting. Then it's your plant list last.

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,754

    In a recent test in garden Which the mulch Strulch came out best. It is a treated straw mulch. Only plant if you can keep well watered then mulch round bare soil that is still exposed.

    AB Still learning

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