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I have made a start on my flower bed boarder however I am now stuck! what do I buy? i get so confused in the garden centre and there is way to much to choose from.I tried looking on the internet for inspiration but have not been able to find a simple flower bed boarder to copy.  I feel a bit deflated now and my hard work in getting the outline and weeds removed seems to be wasted ,as the longer i take the weeds just grow back .I want summer and winter flowers structure.Dont want to keep wasting my money. I have so many questions and have noone to ask. yes i can ask the garden centres but they havent always got the time .Any help and advice please.image 



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    I suggest you look in the public library and/or charity shops for an encyclopedia of garden flowers, which includes flowering season.  Make a list for each month of flowers you like the look of and which suit your growing conditions.  Then make a sketch of your border and decide what goes where.  If you can't find what you want in the garden centre, you can order online.  Leave plenty of space for plants to spread out, or scatter hardy annual seeds in the spaces to reduce the need for weeding.  I will be planting a new border soon and I plan to grow lots of fuchsias because they don't need deadheading, the flowers drop off before they fade, so the plants always look neat.

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    There are quite a few books with planting plans in them - some of the RHS books spring to mind. Have a look in your local library or Amazon. It very much depends on what your situation will grow and what you like. 

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    Don't be intimidated at the garden centre, they are happy to help and give you advice.Obviously they want to sell you plants, but the advice is always free! Give them some idea of what you want,as you have in your post. Which way the bed faces, what the soil is like (gets a bit waterlogged, or drains quickly after rain,that kind of thing). The colours that you like,how much work you want to do,etc.

    They will be happy to help, lurk around until you find someone you feel is most approachable.Take a note book to make notes, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We all had to start somewhere, and gardeners are a friendly bunch image.If you've got a friend who likes gardening you could take them along, and finally most garden centres have a coffee shop. Cake always helps image

  • Thank you for your replies,is it okay to scatter seeds now or should I wait .Yep think library is a good idea I'm so tired of the internet .Thank you ladybird4 that web site was helpful ,doghouse Riley your flower bed is just the look I'm after yours looks great!  I'm so confussed on what I should plant should I focus on perinatal or annuals. As annuals only last a year should I be buying certain plants first ?

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    what is the latest plants to be put in for this season, I had pansies in but they are now all dead , I have a shallow banking

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    I'd suggest taking your time - you will regret throwing lots of things in just to fill the space - don't expect to have it all sorted in a single season. It will adapt and evolve over time and you may well be moving things around for quite a few years yet! - you have a relatively large border so lots of options - you will need to get a feel for which plants flower at a given time of year to provide year round interest, what size they grow to and ultimately  decide what you like for yourself. 

    I would suggest visiting established gardens - national trust, botanic gardens etc for ideas. If you like the look of something but aren't sure what it is, this forum will always provide the answer! 

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    If you want flowers through the year, visit a garden centre once a month and see what is in flower. Many gardens are planted all in one go, look  good for a few weeks then have nothing for the rest of the season. You can have shrubs for colour and scent in winter, and lots of flower through the rest of the year, spring flowering bulbs,  etc.

  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003

    I wouldn't just put down flower seeds. a newbie it can be difficult to distinguish seedlings from weedlings......ideally you will be looking for perennials as they will  (hopefully ) come back every year.  A couple of evergreen shrubs.....and as suggested regular visits to the garden centers as they sell whatever is in flower at the time.  Happy gardening. 

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    Do you know what kind of soil you have and aspect north,south east ,west?  That will have a bearing on what you choose. Have a peak around your neighbourhood, see what grows and what you like the look of.  If you have one nearby, I personally would go for a nursery over a garden centre, cheaper plants,more knowledgable folk.  I find garden centres these days seem to be selling scented candles, and clothes, and   bored 16 year olds at the weekend who arent interested or knowledgable.

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