Identify please

linzi64uklinzi64uk Posts: 22

Can anybody identify these two please.

image A very large climber/shrub. 

image Just appeared from under a shrub.

Both taken on a new tablet so not sure how to edit etc, hence the poor quality.



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,762

    Top one is Leycesteria and   the bottom one is a Japanese Anemone

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 1,475

    The top photo looks like Leycesteria Formosa, Himalayan Honeysuckle. Second photo looks like a  Japanese Anemone. 

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 3,800

    We have both these plants in our big flower bed.  The Leycesteria Formosa or Himalayan Honeysuckle is a fairly nice shrub that grows approx 4 - 5 foot high depending how you prune it, and the Japanese Anemone has the most beautiful white flowers but the plant just spreads and spreads and pops up all over the flower bed, so we try to keep it contained by sinking a large plant pot of it into the flower bed.

  • linzi64uklinzi64uk Posts: 22

    Thank you all 

    The Honeysuckle

    As it hasn't been pruned this year (or for however many years prior ) is well over 8 foot in  height and a spread of about 6 feet. How far can I prune and when please.

    The Japanese Anemone

    As I said on previous post,  has just appeared from under another large shrub, can I dig it up & pot it? If so it a bulb/tuba or do I need to de-head before it seeds.

    This garden has been & is still throwing surprises. I have a peach honeysuckle, which I thought was lovely, this has been growing for some time now. Only a few days a go did I spot the buds of another one, fighting it's way between a (obviously in this garden....large) buddleja & the honeysuckle, I trimmed back to give some space & more light to now have a lovely yellow one. 

    Not to mention all the pots that looked old & dried up, but I watered anyway & have now got other plants coming through.......... no doubt I will be posting pics of them on here very soon haha

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 1,475

    With the Himalayan Honeysuckle, you can start pruning after the flowers have more or less finished. It's up to you how you think it should be shaped and controlled. If it's too big, thin some out and even cut right down if you need to. The rest, just remove any old or diseases stems and cut back how you want it. Cutting down to 6ft should be fine.

    With the Japanese Anemone, it's not a bulb, but be wary it creeps along under the soil, so it's possible that where you have seen it, if you dig, you may find it leading you to somewhere else. These plants can be deadheaded, but some people don't. The plant will probably have spread through underground root system, so if you do dig up, you may need to dig far and wide. Or dig up the section you need, the rest can be left in the ground.

  • linzi64uklinzi64uk Posts: 22

    Thank you Borderline

    Looks like I may have to get the pit helmet on & go underground, The area it is sprouting has another very large buddleja and three...if not four very mature shrubs, plus a very dense covering of stinking Iris, these I'm going to dig up as to be honest, I'm not very impressed with the flower, plus they have been left to over run the area. I may come across the Anemone root system whilst digging deep to get the Iris out.

    The honeysuckle I think will cut right down this year so I can start a fresh next year & keep it all reasonably tidy, preventing other plants that may be hiding getting strangled. 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 1,475

    Good luck, sounds like a bit of work there! I'm sure you will have a lot of excess plants at the end, you could always pot up and give to friends and neighbours!

  • linzi64uklinzi64uk Posts: 22

    Sorry Borderline, you will be cringing every time you see my name haha

    Can I take cuttings from the honeysuckle.......( you have probably guessed by now) if so how & when? My friend has just took a really old ordinary honeysuckle out as it was past it's day. I'm sure she would like some of the himalayan in place if, she has admired mine but wasn't sure what it actually was. 

    You must be a very experienced gardener, do you fancy a weeks full board holiday in my garden haha. I do live on the coast, only ten minutes walk to the beach.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,257

    Its not really a honeysuckle (Lonicera). It is Leycesteria formosa.  In Autumn, dig it up and split it into hefty chunks, and then replant.  Easy. A lot easier than rooting honeysuckle cuttings.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • linzi64uklinzi64uk Posts: 22

    It may be easy for you fidgetbones, you know what you are doing haha.

    To be honest, I think it is growing from my side of the fence, but hard to see with all dense foliage of it, and other plants around it. Neighbours do have the honeysuckle that I know, that only hangs a little over my side of the fence so I get the scent without the hard work haha. If the Leycesteria was coming from under the fence, could I just split it at my side & dig it up??

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