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Laurel hedge filling in

JDLJDL Posts: 4

Hi all,

Have read lots of threads here about Laurel hedge maintenance and would like to get some specific advice please. 

I have a new hedge planted earlier this year that seems to be establishing well. After lots of water and taking a good chunk off the top and overall a couple of months ago (to help conserve its energy - some leaf drop), its sprung back at the top but not too much elsewhere. 

What's the best way to encourage the hedge to fill in at the bottom? What amount of pruning? What about feed? 

Appreciate your advice. Thanks. 



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    They look good. Laurel are very hardy longterm plants so a good thick mulch around the base will go a long way. There is no need to really feed them. Just add more compost every spring time, or shovel on loads of mulch. In early spring time, you can cut/prune your shrubs down a bit, this will encourage more side shoots to form, and this will thicken the shrub up and make the base of the shrub more dense. Whilst they are young, it's not a problem to cut them quite hard down to help encourage more side shoots. 

    In the first few years, make sure the plants are watered well, particularly when it is very warm and dry.

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