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Geranium Himalayense

I planted two of these small plants this year.  One has struggled to produce a single flower and the other has a produced a few healthy leaves and one of the leavesimage is turning reddish brown - why?image


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,999

    Hello GD ! ; I have found that the majority of perennial geraniums prefer cool and semi-shaded conditions . If your plants are in full sun that would explain the leaf coloration . Plenty of water during warm spells also helps ; next season when the plants are larger , more flowers will be produced .

  • Thanks Paul, that is reassuring to know.  The flowering plant is in semi shade, so doesn't get so much water, but the brown tinged leaf plant is in full sun for a few hours each day but I do try to water it every day too.

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