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Wormery and bokashi compost

MagBMagB Posts: 6

woohoo I have taken my first little step to organic gardening!!After watching loads on youtube re: info on killing most of micro organisms in soil by using strong chemical fertilisers and pesticides it has left me feeling really guilty and ashamed On how this effects the earth as a whole. Ok my patch isn't going to make a difference but we, in this country, need to be more aware of what we do in our gardens and more so large food growers that use chemical pesticides and fertilisers. I think I,m a little late waking up to all this but better late than never! Anywaysup, my worms are feeding well; the compost heap seems to be sinking down after heating up and I can't wait for my bokashi bins to arrive. I guess my next purchase will be a leaf shredder...will have to save for that. Anyone else do bokashi on the forum? I would like to hear any comments or advice. 

Thanks in advance. :)

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