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Replacing Gravel with Lawn

Hi, we have just moved to a new house with a small Garden, and my 1st job is to redo the back Garden. The back is currently half paved and half gravel - I'm replacing the Gravel with Lawn. So far I have dug about 10CM depth of Gravel out, below that, there's about 6-7cm of compacted sand. I've dug a little bit of this to see what's under it, and got down to some sort of weed matt. My question is do I need to dig out this sand too, and replace it all with top soil, or can I just put top soil on top of the sand and then Turf over the top?




  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    If there is only a few inches of sand before you hit the membrane it should be easy enough to remove the membrane, dig everything over incorporating the sand, level, and then lay turf. 

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  • DaleADaleA Posts: 2

    Great thanks Hogweed, I was worried I'd have to remove the sand as well, it's already taken 4 trips this week to the local recycle centre to get rid of the gravel.

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