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Lawn Issues

Hi all,

I'm after some advice with my lawn. The lawn was laid last September and was great until this summer.

The lawn seems to have developed 2 distinct zones. At the back the lawn is lush and thick and green and how I want it.

However the middle part of the lawn has gone patchy. The Lawn in this area has shades of lighter and darker grass as well as brown patches.

Im not sure why this has occured. Originally there we trees along the back where the better grass is and the area that is patchy was lawn before. All was rotavatored down the around 8 inches before laying. I assume the soil is just better towards the back?

How can I improve this? My aim is to get all of the lawn to match the area at the back.




  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Patches will happen from time to time. The lawn looks nice already. But if you want very dense green, you will need to feed it regularly and rake properly before mowing and after. Then re-mow the areas again. Raking the lawn will lift the grass blades and also open up the thatch that builds up over time. In more cooler and damper periods, you can top-dress with a mixture of fine topsoil and sand. Work it into the gaps and this will create the lawn more level in the long-run. Small hollows and dips can cause thatch to build up and then patches develope.

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