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Campsis Indian Summer has never flowered

I planted Campsis Indian Summer 4 years ago. The plant has wonderful foliage every year but not a single flower or bud. The plant is growing on a trellis in a SE facing situation. It is in part shade from the early afternoon, in moist well drained conditions. Any ideas folks ?  


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,606

    It is really a plant for full sun and hot conditions.

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  • Thanks for your reply. The plant is in full sun up to 8 hours per day and the shade is dappled, at this time of year. I find it very odd that this plant has never even produced a single bud. Unless someone can suggest a reason this plant is for the chop. Shame really as the foliage is good and thick. Maybe I will grow something through it.

  • Could you not feed it with tomato feed, which promotes flowers and see if that works.

  • Hi Chrissy. I do feed with tomato feed for a lot of my plants and also phostrogen. I have asked loads of friends over the past couple of years and tried everything. In fact a friend of mine has this plant and it flowers it's socks off every year. I must have been unlucky. Thanks for your comment.

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