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Cinder path/ planting by wall

Hi, I live in an end of terrace house with a cinder path up one side which is walked and driven up daily to access the rear of the houses. It is full of pot holes which hold water and the black treads into the house and washes into the yard which is lower than the track.

The track runs along our house and garden walls, the gate is in the middle of the two. Along the house wall the track has been overgrown with weeds, I have started clearing these. Along the garden wall there are a variety of plants including montbretia, lady's mantle and bluebells.

1. How do I tackle the mucky puddles. Fill with gravel?

2. I much prefer the side with plants to the bare side. Much prettier and keeps the weeds down. Is it ok to plant alongside the house wall to match garden wall? Am thinking a couple of ferns, more lady's mantle and a few muscari.

3. The montbretia is very densely packed and flops over into the muddy puddles. Should i dig some/ all of it up and replace with ferns on that side too?

Feeling a bit unsure! Thank you! 


  • Jill223Jill223 Posts: 8


  • Jill223Jill223 Posts: 8


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,045

    You may find there is not that much soil at the side of the house so I would start off with small plants and see how they manage. Lady's mantle, vinca and epimedium would all do well there and can be left to their own devices more or less. I would keep the montbretia unless you really don't like it - it gives a splash of colour.

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  • Jill223Jill223 Posts: 8

    Thanks hogweed, yes I think you're right about the montbretia. Thanks for the suggestions of vinca and epimedium, I hadn't heard of either before. I love the look of the vincas in particular.

    Apologies for the second picture being the wrong way round, both pics are the righ way up on the computer so I'm not sure why the second one has turned round in the post. I tried it a couple of times but no luck.

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