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I have recently moved and inherited a tidy but boring garden.

There are always lots of design ideas for long narrow gardens but mine is wide and shallow and has lots of different hard landscaping.

I would like a more natural style with maybe some mature trees - get away from the central lawn and narrow borders look.

Any suggestions??


  • Could you post us a picture and give more info please.

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626

    Try drawing two overlapping circles or ovals on your lawn - hosepipe or sand to mark them - and keep those as lawn with an archway between them or obelisks or tall plants either side of the narrowest part to break up the line of the garden and fool the eye.   You could also use squares but turned so the corner points towards the house rather than having the sides parallel to the boundaries, thus giving two diamonds.  

    Either shape would give you wider sections for your borders for planting bigger shrubs, roses, small trees and perennials to break up the boundary lines.   You could use another circle or a triangle or smaller square in one corner or end as a BBQ and seating area and tuck things like compost and bins behind a trellis in another corner.

    Use vertical lines such as trellis panels and obelisks with climbing plants to block views and move the eye up and down as this will also make the garden look deeper thru not being able to see it all at once.

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