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Bee GBee G Posts: 33

imageHi..These roses were in my garden when I moved here 2 years ago. I've twice pruned them right down and they keep coming back large. I've no experience with roses-I wonder whether they may be climbers and what is best to do with them-should I just let them alone? 1 gets very tall-should I try training it up something rather than prune it down? Many thanks for any advice! 


  • Bee GBee G Posts: 33

    Hmm-Only 1 pic seems to have uploaded-the other plant is taller and narrower!

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    If you are unsure with what type of rose you have, there is no harm in creating some kind of support around your plant to see how it behaves. If you have planted it into a central position with no back support, try to stake thick sticks around the plant, tie any branches in if it reaches the sticks. Alternatively, if you have an obelisk, you could place it nearby and train into it to see how it behaves.

    You may just have a shrub that is very tall growing that has had a big growth spurt due to the hot weather followed by huge amounts of rain.

  • Bee GBee G Posts: 33

    Thanks for replying - I'll give that a go :-)

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