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Fuchsia Gall Mites?

Hi guys, I noticed something wrong with my 2 Fuchsias recently, and after reading up it seems like it could be Gall mites? Apparently they arrived into Britain in 2007 and are pretty devastating, affecting mainly the south-west as they are not cold tolerant. The are supposed to be impossible to see and I've had a good look and can see no aphids or anything similar.

Something I read did suggested that they can be cut right down (like you would a Buddleia) and then afterwards treat them aggressively with either Abemectin or Spirodiclofen. Has anyone here suffered with this and If so did you manage to eradicate it and save your Fuchsia?

These Fuchsias are 20 years old and were my mother's, so I'd really like to save them if I can.

Thank you


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  • CazzahCazzah Posts: 1

    I've just noticed that one of my fuschias also appears to have gall mites.  I live in Devon.  Shame as it's such a lovely plant,  better cut it down I suppose.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Your Fuchsia can be saved. It's just weakened for now. There is no cure for this problem, and part of the issue is the fact that we are getting milder and milder winters, which is why areas in the south and south east would be more affected.

    Depending on how much of the areas are affected, you will need to cut them off. Make sure you clean your blades thoroughly afterwards. Scrape off the layer of your soil and lay down fresh compost/mulch. You will need to keep doing this every year. The problem may continue for some years after that as it's difficult to say how badly affected  it can get.

    I don't know what type of Fuchsia you have, but I recommend you cut them hard back every spring time. Try to avoid keeping as much as possible. I believe this is the best option to rid your plants of the gall mite.

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