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Black/golden bamboo in a pot

SplandySplandy Posts: 161

I want to grow bamboo in containers either side of my patio next to the fence to provide some privacy. I was hoping for rectangular containers so they can be pushed right against it and grow along it. Whilst looking at them this morning, the golden bamboo said it grows to 6m tall and 6m wide! Is that correct? I assume it will just grow to whatever the length of the container. Can you cut bamboo at the top to stop it growing so tall or should I go for the black bamboo instead, which said it only grows to 4m? They are currently in round pots. Will that spread out all along a rectangular container or would I need to seperate the shoots out and plant them along it? Sorry if that is a stupid question, I am very much a beginner! image


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,000

    Most bamboos can be incredibly vigorous , and I wouldn't be surprised if they are completely pot or container bound in a couple of years . In open ground they can be very invasive ; (I had massive problems in my garden , and I finished up taking the lot out )!!

    Cutting the tops can lead to a wiry and wispy manner of growth which doesn't always look good .

    I would get as large a pot as possible and opt for the black bamboo . Hope this helps image

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,122

    If you want privacy, you'd be better growing something else in containers rather than bamboo.  I don't think they grow terribly well in them, unless the containers are huge, purpose built ones. There are lots of shrubs which would be a better screen, and will cope with being confined. It does depend how big a screen you need and what the site is like etc.

    Just my opinion of course  image

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  • SplandySplandy Posts: 161

    How large would you think the containers would need to be? Is it depth which is the problem? I'm happy to get a very long container as I want them along most of the patio. I don't need them to grow very tall, just peeking over the fence a little. I would still like to give them a try so should I get a big container and shove one plant into the middle of it?

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