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best preservative for new shed

Hi erveryone and anyone

We have just had a new 4m2 summerhouse installed which is in untreated pine - I have trawled the internet until I've nearly gone insane but still cannot find the best preservative to use as a defence against woodworm and rot BEFORE either colour staining or painting (can't find the best colour stain, either) - with a shed this size, obviously we are wanting something that will last a good time!!!

Any ideas, PLEASE?!


  • Bedec Barn Paint. 

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,527

    Not something I've done in may years, but I thought that the wood stain contains anti-rot/woodworm compounds.
    I used Sadolin wood stain on my cedar shed about 20yrs ago. It could do with another coat now.

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  • AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 361

    I used bedec barn paint. not cheap but does the job nicely 

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,094

    The Big DIY chains sell Clear wood preserver either own brand or branded . However even this will darken the wood slightly. Regrettably most of the water based products do not work that well in defence against rot & woodworm. 

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