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Jet washing

Hi all

Gardening is not just about growing things I have come to realise - I have unearthed a great crop of Kestrel potatoes, the Nastursiums have gone crazy yet my decking and slabs look dirty!

I know its a fine sunny day - hurrah - lets get the jet washer out ....... 6 hours later - can someone jetwash me please? My son very helpfully said after 5 hours "why didnt you put your wellies on Mum?" In my infinate wisdom I thought flip flops would be fine! Hence to say Im still a newbie at this gardening malarky! 


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,098

    There are products under the brand names like Patio magic & Mould clear, they contain Benzalkonium Chloride, spray with a low pressure sprayer. They work over a period of days & last most of the season.  Does not get rid of the dirt & mud though. You can get attachments for the jet washer with a closed head that direct the jets down & speeds up the process, works best on flat fairly smooth surfaces.

    AB Still learning

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