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Long flowering perenial 30cm with yellow flowers

kc.sdickc.sdic Posts: 91

Thought I would keep this seperate from my hanging basket Q. I don't really like troubling people on the forum and I do try to do my own research but sometimes I just can't seem to find what I am looking for. I only have a small garden so every plant counts. I have pink flowers/purple flowers etc but I would like some yellow flowers, preferably long flowering perenials that grow  to 30cm . Rudbekia tends to be 50cm +  Could go in a south or east border, don't suppose there is anything that could go in a north border?  


  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    Here are some that may or not suit you:  Meconopsis cambrica, Mimulus guttatus, Coreopsis grandiflora, Doronicum grandiflorum, Papaver alpinum. Good luck.

  • Maybe a geum? Lady Stratheden is yellow. It does go up to 50cm, but that's not my experience!

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    Oenothera missouriensis Missouri primrose

    (The yellow ones!)  They grow to about 30cm, spread easily, but are not seriously invasive.

    They cut  and come again though the season 


    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • kc.sdickc.sdic Posts: 91

    Hi thanks for the suggestions. Yeh I love the welsh poppy but it doesn't last long ditto Doronicum .

    I would like something that flowers most of the summer as I can have so few plants in my garden. Does mimulus have to be wet? Again I LOVE Coreopsis but its more like 50 or taller isn't it? I have just bought Zagreb (online)  as I thought it was shorter but it says 45cm :o(

  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    There are shorter varieties for Coreopsis. I had "Presto" which was no taller than 25 cm.

  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    Nasturtiums?  Marigolds?  I've got marigolds (Calendula officinalis), they flower all summer long and don't grow taller than a foot. And self-seed prolifically.

  • kc.sdickc.sdic Posts: 91

    Thanks everyone. Ah Presto looks good and how wonderful a low growing evening primrose Oenothera missouriensis now I wish I had a much LARGER garden :O)

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