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Thick stem climbers

Morning All.

I'm adding a fence to a garden which will use metal fence posts approx. 5cm square. I'd like to plant a climber at the base of each post that I'll be able to wind round the post so that over time the stems would hide the post.

Whilst I'd want the stem to cover the post I'd like flowers at the top so that they would eventually spread across the horizontal bars being used for the fence

Any suggestions and/or advice gratefully received


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    if you're putting in metal posts I'm assuming a large chunk of concrete will be at the base to stop the posts falling over?

    This will mean you cannot plant anything directly at the base of the posts, it will be either to one side or another. You can use any climber for the task - clematis, jasmine, honey suckle etc.

    however its sounds like you only want flowers on the top and the posts covering over with stems? would it be easier to plant shrubs at the base to cover the posts rather than relying on the stems of the climbers (that aren't that attractive)

  • Thanks treehugger.

    Hmmm, good point re. the concrete and, well in fact everything!

    I think shrubs are the way forward. 

  • Robert343Robert343 Posts: 53

    Hello Billy.

    Have you given thought to an ivy? There are lots of varieties to choose from. My favourite is Hedera algeriensis Gloire de Marengo. It has flowers and berries. You could get containers like councils use on lamp posts - two split halves. They would be deep enough for an ivy and would keep it in check. You could disguise the planters at the base with some nice trailing or low covering perennials. It would be easy to wrap the ivy around the posts. Just make sure you keep the growth in check.

    iIf you dont like the idea of an ivy you could do the same with the pots as per tree hugger's suggestions.

    You would be surprised at how many plants can live a happy life in planters or pots If they are cared for.

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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    If you decide on ivy, I can recommend Fibrex, a specialist nursery which offers scores of ivy varieties. Quality, value for money and great customer service.

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