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Unknown insect

Hi just seen this strange insect on garden fence... So weird!  Anyone know what it is please?


sorry pic will not load correctly.  Have re-saved and re-sized in another folder but no joy!  Anyway insect is light brown/orangy, four legs and two long antenna (twice as long as its legs).  It looks triangular shaped but again it could have wings that are folded in to give it this shape... took pic and then it had gone when I returned.  Anyone else having problems loading pics?   This was taken with my phone and had no issues last week.  Regards Tony.

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,139

    Tony ... at the minute there's a glitch on the forum preventing photos from uploading properly.  The tech team are aware and are looking into it. Hopefully it'l be sorted soon.  

    In the meantime our options are to 'cultivate patience' image  or to upload pictures onto a photo-hosting site and post the link 


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  • Oky Doky Dovefromabove will do thank you. image

  • The triangular shape suggests Shield Bug - try googling. There should be six legs if it is an insect, but sometimes only four are easy to see.

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