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So, the front of my house is pretty uninspiring. I would like to transform this area into putting a border of some sort to the left of the lawn, and replace the two small pieris on the right with a sweet box.

I had in mind to plant either a rose hedge (harlow carr, or scepter'd isle) and underplant that with a mixture of geranium (mavis simpson, brookside), salvia (unsure, but perhaps pink friesland), nepeta (racemosa amelia) and/or lavender (hidcote).

I also like a penstemon but not sure these would fit in really.

The lawn does get a decent amount of sun during summer, not so in winter as the house covers the low winter sun. The house front on is predominantly west facing and slightly north. 

Pic attached, feel free to suggest?

Soil - probably clay as that's what's in the back garden but I've not dug in the front.



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    Sorry not sure what happened to the pic - here it is:

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    I think there is a problem with posting photos at the moment unfortunately...

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    Wahey, photos are working again image

    OK so here is the proposed site:


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    Just to add, the colour scheme has now changed, I like the idea of the following sort of plants (not particularly all of them, just a selection), colour wise - Apricot, Orange, Pale Yellow, Cream, White


    3x 2 varieties from (David Austin)

    Roald Dahl, Lichfield Angel, Grace, Imogen


    Geum Mai Tai, Heuchera Caramel, Anthemis EC Buxton, Chrysanthemum Mary Stoker, Kniphofia Toffee Nose, Calamagrostis, Native Primrose, Paler coloured daffs, maybe some pops of blue with muscari and iris reticulata, tulips whatever colours seem suitable. 

    Because the border is pretty small, I'm struggling to get a good evergreen structure in without taking up too much space. I could do with either a taller and thinner type or maybe a hedge. I had considered doing a rose hedge based of the varieties above, but I'm not sure if that works structure wise.

    Thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm particularly struggling with the sun aspect, as it changes depending on the season. Spring there is decent sun towards the front, drawing in as you get closer to the house. Autumn it gets afternoon / later sun, summer it gets a good amount of midday sun, a bit dappled from the magnolia, winter I really don't think it would get much if any.

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